We grow children thru music!

What's Children are Composers?
Through active games, children discover the magic of music. 
In a PLAYFUL way, they get to know all the music notes, musical instruments, theory, rhythm and harmony 
and they will be able to create and compose THEIR OWN MUSICAL STORY.

We have online & offline programs. 
Wherever you are, our online music programme for children 3-8 years old, is always available for you. 
We created this to reach out to children who are not in Belgium, where our headquarters are based.

You can experience our online music program Children are Composers together with your child in your own living room whenever you want
Being able to choose whenever, wherever, how and how often is proven to be a real advantage. 
As a bonus, this musical journey guarantees real quality time together.

It is also good to use this music programme beside learning an instrument if your child is already learning Piano or Violin or some other instrument. They will develop their own creativity in music through composing their own songs and discover music theory through games.

Through the universal language of music, children can EXPRESS themselves, 
DEVELOP their PERSONALITY and CREATIVITY and are encouraged to use their IMAGINATION.

So what do you get in this music programme:

- 12 episodes per module, each 30 minutes long, full of INTERACTION and INSPIRATION
- At the end of every episode, the children will be CHALLENGED with musical missions
- With our MAESTRO BAG/ ORGANIZER, you are sure you have all the material we use in the episodes. 
- A significant process of GROWTH and increased levels of CONCENTRATION and I.Q. of the children
How will we reach this?
By collaborating with schools, musicians and with you of course. 
By spending time with your children through music, you're not only strengthening your bond, 
you're also helping us encourage and challenge children to STIMULATE their IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY
Children are Composers is INTERACTIVE and TRIGGERS you to think "outside the box". 

Now, we know it is not evident to teach music to young children at school. That is why we created exceptional programs 
to help everyone, whether you are a teacher, parent or music lover, with or without musical background, 
SHARE the magical world of music with young children. 
We do this by improvising, composing, reading, writing and singing. 

According to studies by the German music researcher and educationalist Hans Günther Bastian, the level of CONCENTRATION 
and the level of I.Q. of children both increase when they are educated in music more at a young age. 

We want young children to experience an exceptional process of growth while having a maximum amount of fun
And who can help us do this better than their very own parents?
Become a member of Children are Composers!
You get acces to the most JOYFUL MUSIC PROGRAMME for children 3 to 8 years old.
No feeling of guild anymore when your child is sitting in front of the Ipad or Computer because this is EDUCATIVE SCREEN TIME
where they ACTIVELY play and discover through MUSICAL GAMES.
Educative and Creative MusicMaterial for young children.
Basic Maestro Package
If you already have a piano, this is perfect to get started!
Full Maestro Package
This way you have everything at home, inclusive a piano!
Full Maestro Bag content: Music Fishes,  Composing Mats, Music Paper,  
Rhythm paper,  Musical Figures,  Markers,  PianoFelts,  Maestro Bag
Music Fishes 
Made by Lilliputiens
3+ and 6+  
Music Books
Musical Adventures 3-8y
Maestro Bag 
Handmade by WildLifeKenia
You can find our material in these Belgium shops or online:

Standaard Boekhandel Heistraat 65 A, 2610 Wilrijk en in elk filiaal bestelbaar.

Crescendo Music Jan van Rijswijcklaan 7, 2018 Antwerpen // Herestraat 7, 3000 Leuven

 House of Music Boomsesteenweg 325, 2020 Antwerpen (make appointment)

Rombaux, Mallebergplaats 13, 8000 Brugge

For large deliveries (from 15 pieces) mail us and we send a customized plan for your organisation.
What do parents say about Children are Composers?
Caroline Heirwegh
Ingrid Lourenca Gomez
We do this program in the weekend with the whole family! Our two kids, my wife and me. Even though I played in the harmony orchestra when I was young, I still learn new things through this program together with my kids. It's quality time together & fun to discover music this way.
What do Children say about Children are Composers?
Jente & Elena, 5 & 7y
Lisse & Iza, 3 & 4y
Lander-Janus, 6y
Leandro, 4y
Ella-Min, 4y
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