growing children through music!
Children are Composers is the most creative and playful music method, developed by the composer Hanne Deneire.
We want children to have a MAGICAL FIRST CONTACT with music.

That's why we start from birth and the kids create their own compositions!

Through active games, children discover the FUN of music. 
In a playful way, they get to know all the musical instruments, music notes, rhythm and harmony 
and they will be able to create and compose THEIR OWN STORY.

Through the universal language of music, children can EXPRESS themselves, 
DEVELOP their PERSONALITY and CREATIVITY and are encouraged to use their IMAGINATION.
Who Wants To Be Inspired?
How does this music programme work?
12 episodes = more than 600 minutes of ACTION & INSPIRATION
* Every episode you discover a NEW MUSICAL INSTRUMENT
* Every Episode EAR TRAINING that is so important to do before the age of 8
* Every episode they will create a piece of music
* They learn all the music notes in a playful way
   * After every episode your child will be challenged with musical MISSIONS
 * MONTHLY Q&A for answers on the musical DEVELOPMENT of your child
   * COMMUNITY of parents to share the musical child development  

* musical instruments to draw or make
* music paper and other specific material for young kids to print out
* musical games to do everywhere
* songs to sing
* links to interesting musical webpages for kids

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Why Are We Special?
We have our own unique method that is PROVEN to work
Improvising, composing, reading, drawing, writing, building, jumping and singing. That is Children are Composers. 
Through this CREATIVE method with its ACTIVE GAMES, children get a MAGICAL experience with music! 

A maximum amount of FUN and an exceptional process of GROWTH are EXPERIENCED
Create in an ENTERTAINING manner using ALL the SENSES & IMAGINATION
We are constantly encouraging and stimulating children to use their IMAGINATION
Our method is active and requires a lot of thinking. Therefore, it IMPROVES the CONCENTRATION of children. 
No matter the amount of challenges our Student Musicians are facing, their PROCESS of growth is SIGNIFICANT.
We are offline and online to STIMULATE them optimal
These days, our lives are so busy that we barely have any time left to practice a sport, let alone 
bringing your children to their music school. So, what if we told you we offer a CREATIVE ONLINE course 
for children from 3 to 8 years old to DISCOVER the magical world of MUSIC

Children are Composers allows kids to COMPOSE and SING their OWN songs, 
and discover MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, THEORY and HISTORY of music through GAMES
When, where, how and how often is all up to you! 
Become a member of Children are Composers!
You get acces to the most JOYFUL MUSIC PROGRAMME for children 3 to 8 years old.
No feeling of guild anymore when your child is sitting in front of the Ipad or Computer because this is EDUCATIVE SCREEN TIME
where they ACTIVELY play and discover through MUSICAL GAMES.
Educative and Creative MusicMaterial for young children.
Basic Maestro Package
If you already have a piano, this is perfect to get started!
Full Maestro Package
This way you have everything at home, inclusive a piano!
Who Developed Children are Composers?
Children are Composers is developed by the COMPOSER HANNE DENEIRE. 

She is a VISIONARY symphonist of Music & People. She developed this music method Children are Composers to learn music in a PLAYFUL way and STIMULATE students through CREATING their own music story. 

She collaborates with the best musicians, orchestras, ensembles and festivals WORLDWIDE. Her music is played all over Europe, Canada, US and Japan.

When she was only 16 she started developing this method. 
First with HIGHLY GIFTED CHILDREN and when she was only 19 she was already teaching at the university of Antwerp "Creating Music Theatre".

After her studies at the Conservatory of Antwerp and the Guildhall School of Music in London, she was lecturing in the last Master "Community Art" for 3 years at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.

She is REWARDED for her music itself and her educational work. Her first Orchestra work, Mitä, was rewarded and created in 1999 when she was only 19 years old. 
She received a GOLDEN LABEL for her full music cd "In Flanders Field - Hommages Hanne Deneire". The KING BOUDEWIJN FOUNDATION rewarded her for her EDUCATIONAL work with HIGHLY GIFTED CHILDREN.

She was rewarded with the GOLDEN POPPY for her Chamber Music by Sabam in 2014. As an entrepreneur, she was also selected out of 756 projects for the accelerator "The Birdhouse". 
In 2020 her Opera is created on a new libretto of Tom Lanoye.

She still continues to develop her creative and educational work because that is her OXYGEN, her MISSION in life!
What do Parents say about Children are Composers?
Ingrid Lourenca Gomez
Caroline Heirwegh
We do this program in the weekend with the whole family! (our two kids, my wife and me) Even though I played in the harmony orchestra when I was young, I am still learning new things through this program together with my kids. 
It's quality time together & fun to discover music this way.

What do Musicians say about Children are Composers?
Manon Misonne
Selena Trifunovic
What do Children say about Children are Composers?
Lisse & Iza
Let us inspire you!
"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom & philosophy"  Ludwig van Beethoven

Children are Composers @ 2020 House of Music