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Hey! Who Are We? 
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We are on a mission to grow Children through music with our proven method called Children Are Composers!
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 Caroline K.
35 y/o Mom from Belgium
From the moment I bought Children Are Composers my children were ecstatic! They even watch the videos several times a day! I am so glad that I can look at how my children enjoy this. It was certainly worth every penny. Thanks Hanne!
With this online programme your children will be capable of overcoming stressful situations much easier.
Your children will not be bored at home anymore. With Children Are Composers Online, they will learn more about music theory every day.
We want your children out of the couch and using their imagination. Our online course will stimulate your child's brain in the right ways.
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    Music is ... a higher revelation than all wisdom & philosophy - Ludwig van Beethoven
    Gert V.
    42 y/o Dad from Belgium
    We do this program on weekends with the whole family! (our 2 children, my wife and I) Even though I played in an orchestra when I was young, with this program I always learn something new with my children. It is a great way to spend time together!
    Lore D.
    36 y/o Mom from Kenia
    From the moment the program was started, my daughters were amazed by the world of colors and music. I am so glad that I have my little ones
    (2 & 3 years old) can introduce to the music world in such a playful and natural way.
    They absolutely love it!
    Anna F.
    28 y/o Mom from France
    My twins followed private lessons in music. I expected my children to come home happy and energetic, but instead they were exhausted and bored. I found Children Are Composers through a friend and decided to give it a try. I can not explain how happy I am that I made this choice! Since then, my children have been jumping around the house, doing all sorts of music games, learning the music theory and having fun! Thank you Children Are Composers for your innovative approach!
    Why Are We So Special?
    We have our own PROVEN METHOD
    Children Are Composers IS our method. We teach children between 3 & 8 years old difficult and complex music theory with the use of entertainment combined with MUSIC.
    We teach MUSIC in a special MANNER
    We are constantly stimulating our students to make use of their imagination which will lead to improve their concentration skills. Our method is very pro-active and requires a lot of thinking.
    We are teaching children music theory all over the world now with our online programme called 'Children Are Composers'. Children and their parents are sharing their experiences with us all over the world.
    Which skills will your children acquire?

    Music Skills
    Personal Skills
    •  Persistence
    •  Higher Concentration Skills
    •  Higher Self-Confidence
    •  Pro-activity
    •  Interactivity
    •  Being independent
    What do our little members have to say?
    Ella-Min & Skye, 3 & 2 y/o
    Ella-Min, 3 y/o

    Iza & Lisse, 2 & 4 y/o
    Lander-Janus, 6 y/o
    What do their parents have to say?
    Caroline, Mom from Belgium
    Ingrid Lourenço Gomes, Godmother from Portugal
    My sister-in-law bought the course online for her children Laura and Leandro who are 10 and 5 years old. This is a great way to teach children how to handle the music and musical notes. In addition, the course also learns a lot about the history of music, such as Mozart and Beethoven. It is definitely worth buying the course. I can recommend it to anyone to use this on your children in a fun and playful way to learn the music.
    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer... It sings because it has a song - Chinese Proverb
    Our Frequently asked questions
    Do you need an instrument to follow our online programme?
    No, you can start without an instrument.
    Can I follow this programme with my child even if I don't know anything about music?
    This programme is designed for young children, adults will be able to follow.

    Is my 3-year old capable of following this online course by itself?
    This programme is designed for children as of 3 years old, your children will have no issues.

    Do I need to buy extra materials?
    No, you can improvise with the materials you have at home. Although, we do recommend to order our Music Box that includes everything your child will need for a reasonable price.

    How long does an episode last?
    The episodes last about 2 to 3 minutes. You can follow different episodes and different seasons according to your child's progress.

    When will I be able to see results?
    Within a few weeks.

    How do you name the music notes?
    We use both methods: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si just as A, B, C, D, E, F, G!

    How do I pay?
    We have different options available on our checkout page.

    How and where do I buy the online programme?
    Just click on subscribe here and you will be taken further to the checkout page.

    Do you still have some questions?
    Don't hesitate to email us 
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