For children from 
3 - 8 years old
Our mission?
1.000.000 children who enjoy our Children are Composers method this very moment. 
How will we reach this?
By collaborating with you, musicians! 
By implementing this creative method in your educative musical life, you help us encourage and challenge children to STIMULATE their IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY. Children are Composers is INTERACTIVE and TRIGGERS you to think "outside the box". 

Now, we know it is not evident to teach music to young children. That is why Children are Composers is created.
 To help you, a musician, to SHARE the magical world of music with young children. 
We do this by improvising, composing, reading, writing and singing

According to studies by the German music researcher and educationalist Hans Günther Bastian, the level of CONCENTRATION 
and the level of I.Q. of children both increase when they are educated in music more at a young age. 

That is why it is so important for us to collaborate with you. We want young children to experience an exceptional process of growth while having a maximum amount of fun. And who can do this better than the people who already have a passion for music?
How does Children are Composers work?
Through interactive games, children will discover the magic of music. 
In a PLAYFUL way, they get to know all the music notes and theory, rhythm and harmony 
and they will be able to create and compose THEIR OWN MUSICAL STORY.

Through the universal language of music, children can EXPRESS themselves, 
DEVELOP their PERSONALITY and CREATIVITY and are encouraged to use their IMAGINATION.

As a Musician, we train you to teach this Children are Composers methodology LIVE 
and as a BONUS you can offer your students this online programme.
This way you are sure they are also supported at home in their musical adventures.
We all know it is not evident to practice music at home with young children.

So what do parents & children get in this online programme:

- 12 episodes per module, each 30 minutes long, full of INTERACTION and INSPIRATION
- At the end of every episode, the children will be CHALLENGED with musical missions
- The ability to purchase our MUSIC BOX, containing all the material we use in the episodes. 
This way your child can easily join us on our musical adventures.
- A significant process of GROWTH and increased levels of CONCENTRATION and I.Q. of the children
Online Training 
We have a special online training programme Children are Composers for musicians who would like to start working with our method.
If you want to start your Children are Composers in your country or city, 
we will give you all the support and expertise needed to fulfill your mission!
You receive your license for $500/ year.

Children are Composers Master-Musician Training Programme is in 3 phases.

Live Training
From 24th till 27th of August we organise an INTERNATIONAL TRAINING for MUSICIANS who want to start their Children are Composers.
The training is in English and you will get certified after this training to open your programme for young children.
There will be also a streaming option for people who can not come to Belgium.

Live Performance Q&Q
The best way to introduce our method Children are Composers in a school, organization or to your audience is by our performance Q&Q. 
This interactive music performance is written for 2 musicians: Percussion & Guitar/ Singing or Percussion & Violin/ Singing.
You can send us an email to receive all the material: music, scores, technical overview...

Manon Misonne
Master-Musician Children are Composers Belgium
Juan Carlos Bonifaz
Master-Musician Children are Composers Belgium
Children are Composers is the most CREATIVE method 
to discover the MAGIC of MUSIC for young children. 
It is a source of INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION to GROW Children & Musicians!
Full Package Musician
Online Programme + Music Box + Piano
Regular price: $ 428
NOW 10% OFF: $ 385
 Online programme
 3x Musical fishes
 3x Musical composing mats
 3x Musical note block
 3x Note block for rhythm
 3x Musical figures
 3x Musical markers
 3x Piano felt cubes
 Musician box
 Music book
Also available separately
Training programme Children are Composers
$ 397
Music Box Musician
$ 229
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