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Growing children through music!
Our music method can be used at HOME or in SCHOOLS/ ORGANIZATIONS.

Our goal is to INSPIRE YOU to let children GROW in a CREATIVE and PERSONAL manner.

Music Initiation (4 - 8yo)

Give your child a magical first contact with music

In this music program, the composer Hanne Deneire & her team will dive into each aspect of music creation. 
You can go through the program at your own pace together with your child or from age 5, we know children you follow this creative education program independent. We teach your child, between 4 - 8 years old, the basics through active games, children discover in a playful way, they get to know the musical instruments, notes, rhythm and harmony 
and they will be able to create THEIR OWN STORY.
Through the universal language of music, children EXPRESS themselves, DEVELOP their PERSONALITY and are encouraged to use their IMAGINATION.


BabyMusic (0 - 3yo)

Enjoy quality time with your baby through music

Through BabyMusic you can enjoy every free moment in an exceptional way with your baby. There is more than sleeping, eating, diapers and walking, no?
Communicate and stimulate your child through these musical games, sounds and soft movements. 
Enjoy the dialogues and laughter that will come along spontanously.
You can go through the program at your own pace, repeat as much as you want, together with your child from birth till age 3 and more of course.
Music is our FIRST LANGUAGE, let your child EXPRESS themself and DEVELOP their PERSONALITY.


Creative Piano Playing for Adults

Start with music & piano in a creative way from zero!

In this music program, the composer Hanne Deneire will teach you at your pace the basics of piano.  You don't have to know anything about music. We will talk each aspect of music through in a way you will remember it the rest of your life
You can go through the program at your own pace and repeat a lesson or aspect as much as you want. After a few weeks, you will know the notes, the rhythm and you will be able to create YOUR OWN STORY by some simple improvisations and compositions. Through the universal language of music, you can EXPRESS yourself, DEVELOP your PERSONALITY and encourage your IMAGINATION. 
Note: This course is in Dutch. English is coming soon!


1-1 Live Online Music Lessons (4yo - adults)

Let us inspire you to create your musical story!

We are a team consisting of almost 30 professional musicians.
We play different instruments so you choose what you want to learn. If you don't know yet and you want some initiation, we will use the piano.
Since we work worldwide since 2017, we also teach online  so we have the habitude to collaborate in an ACTIVE & PLAYFUL way also LIVE ONLINE with our students!
So where ever you live, we can transform your house into a music room.
We work with a 10 session pass. You can use it weekly or monthly, you decide. We teach 7/7 and have teacher in every time zone. 



Grow as a musician and you will grow children!

Do you love music, teaching and working with children?
Do you already have a private music school? 
Or do you teach music in a music school?
In this training you will explore deeper and in a creative how to inspire even more with the magic of music. 
Learn how to teach complex music theory in a playful and active way! You can start this training any moment when & whenever you want at your own pace. You get 3 months to finish the full curriculum. We will always assist you in YOUR MUSICAL JOURNEY as a musician and as a teacher.
You can always contact us with questions or remarks.
Experience-based learning, active playing, improvisation and composition are the basics of our music methodology!



Twice a year MasterMusicians worldwide dive deeper!

If you have completed the Basis Training
you can participate in this International Training for the finishing touch. This International Training is for musicians who already have the basics & want to go further developing skills & insight.
Every training is different and tailored to the participating group of MasterMusicians.
If you are, or want to be an ambassador Children are Composers, we see you at least once a year on this international training. This is a source of inspiration and the highest quality network of music educators worldwide!


MasterMusician Ambassador

Turn Music into Magic!

After finishing the BasicTraining and International Training, you can become a Member/ Ambassador of our creative method Children are Composers.
We want to grow children worldwide through music, by collaborating with you, musicians and connecting the best music educators with each other in our network!
By implementing this creative method in your educative musical life, you help us encourage and challenge children to STIMULATE their IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY. Children are Composers is INTERACTIVE and TRIGGERS you to think "outside the box". 


Music in your ClassRoom

Teach music to your children with our guidance.

As a Teacher, non-musician, we inspire you to teach Children are Composers in your classroom. You can choose to be guided live by the program or you can watch an episode and then give this material at your pace and in your way.
We support you through the year and you will feel yourself and your children GROW through music!

As a BONUS you can offer your students this online program to develop further at home. This way you are sure they are also supported at home in their growth.


TeacherTraining Children are Composers

Growing children through music!

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